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Consulting services

Our consulting services help you build and maintain a strong technological foundation and strategy capable of seeing you through shifting landscapes and changing requirements.



High Performance Software Architecture & Design Patterns

We help you make better use of the technologies you use today. By introducing you to ways you can improve the quality of your code we help you improve the reliability, performance and readability of your existing code bases making them not just better to use, but easier to work on.


Microservices & Service Oriented Architecture

For larger projects service oriented architectures, when used correctly, offer a great way of segregating different parts of an application, allowing each to operate within its own release lifecycle and have dedicated resources, vastly improving development cycles, application reliability and performance.


DevOps, CI/CD & Agile team management

An arsenal of loosely connected tools, frameworks and managements practices all created with the aim of improving your output, DevOps, Agile, Lean and other software development methodologies work together to help you efficiently create high quality applications on time and on budget.


We understand that sometimes you have already identified a technology you wish to start using but just need a little help getting started. We offer technology specific consulting on the following languages and frameworks that we are particularly experienced in to help you get started quickly and on the right foot.


High Performance C# & ASP.Net Core Development

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Docker, Kubernetes & Istio

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Need a bit of extra help?

Contact us today and we'll let you know how we can help you make better use of your existing and new innovative technology solutions to solve even the most complex problems.