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Turnkey Software Development Services

Aimed at startups, small business and larger business wanting a turnkey solution with no technical resources or know required from them, we work with your stakeholders and domain experts to turn an idea and vision into a fully functioning, expertly engineered and highly performance web or mobile application.

How It Works

We work with you through every step of the journey, from extending and validating the initial idea and value proposition, to prototyping, to developing a fully functioning scalable and highly resilient web or mobile app ready for anything you can throw at it.

Build, Measure, Learn, Repeat.

When working with our clients on turnkey projects, we follow a simple 4 step flow, Build, Measure, Learn, Repeat.

This process is a corner stone of lean start-ups everywhere, providing you with an incredibly powerful way of working and many benefits including quick time to market, the ability to rapidly and continuously realign your product based on user and market feedback and allowing you to focus on just the features that will provide the largest growth.



Build something and immediately push it out to be used by as many end users as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect yet, just that it is being used.



Measure performance, usability, uptake and other data points to see how well it is performing, collecting as much feedback as possible.



Learn by analysing the data, listening to the feedback and determining what worked and what didn’t. Use this new knowledge to adjust both your existing features and roadmap, re-prioritising features as you see fit.



Now repeat, taking your new learnings and using them to improve your next cycle.

Want to turn your good idea into a great app?

Contact us today and we'll let you know how we can help you utalise innovative technology solutions to solve even the most complex problems.